All our dried mushrooms dry on racks with use of fans instead of heat.
This ensures a better quality product keeping the true flavor and color of each  mushroom.

Wild Mix

Our most popular dried product is a mix of whatever’s in season! Up to 15 kinds of 100 percent wild mushrooms which always include Porcini, Lobster, Chanterelle, Hedgehogs, Black Trumpets, Yellowfoot, and Morels with seasonal additions of other varieties.

Lobster mushroom

Like porcini, the lobster mushroom’s hearty consistency stands up well to drying. We find this mushroom to rehydrate the best and its texture can be similar to that of fresh. Since it holds up to longer cooking methods its great for cooking in Borlotti beans or with lamb shanks.


Defintely best suited for soups as they tend to rehydrate a bit tougher then the other varieites. The flavor makes up for it and after pureeing or braising for long periods they will become much softer and have the strong Apricot scent that makes this mushroom most peoples favorite


King boletes reconstitute very nicely and are the most common variety found in recipes. Great for powder to use for dredging meats or thickening soups, and the broth is a great start to a broth for making risotto or braising meats.


After drying the intensity of the flavor is much more pronounced  so a little bit goes a long way. We dry both black “conica” morels which are smaller in size and good for sauteeing after rehydrating. The Larger Grey morels can even be rehydrated and stuffed similar to fresh ones.




This is best done by barely covering the dried mushrooms with simmering water, cover with saran wrap or a lid(this helps with steaming) and letting it sit and rehydrate for 15 to 30 minutes. You can save the liquid once straining out the mushrooms as a stock after pouring through a coffee filter or fine sieve  to remove any grit.