Dried Porcini/King Bolete Mushrooms

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Amazon Porcini (edited-Pixlr).jpeg

Dried Porcini/King Bolete Mushrooms

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We like to call porcini the veal chop of the woods. Its nutty flavor and tender texture makes it superb in nearly every preparation. King boletes reconstitute very nicely and are the most common variety found in recipes ranging from roast chicken to risotto to pasta. Great for powder to use for dredging meats or thickening soups, and the broth is a great start to a broth for making risotto or braising meats.

Wild Harvested, Product of the Pacific Northwest.

To reconstitute dried mushrooms, pour simmering water to just cover the mushrooms and let sit for 15-30 minutes. This is best done by barely covering the dried mushrooms with the water, cover with saran wrap(this helps with steaming) and letting it sit and rehydrate for 15 to 30 minutes. You can save the liquid once straining out the mushrooms as a stock, but is best used after pouring through coffee filter or a fine sieve to remove any grit.

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All our dried mushrooms dry on racks with use of fans instead of heat.
This ensures a better quality product keeping the true flavor and color of each  mushroom.

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